Get on your bike and ride.

The Devitt MCN Festival Of motorcycling at Peterborough showground, draws in thousands of seasoned and budding bikers from around the country.

With a cacophony of  eye watering motorcycles, displays and exhibits to peruse, this was a ‘not to be missed’ event on Nick’s calendar.

Nick’s passion for motorcycles was evident as he scurried from Ducati to Suzuki and everything in between, like a kid in a sweet shop. Previously when Nick was a photographer for East Midlands Allied press (EMAP), He had the privilege of working for motorcycle  news magazine (MCN).

“This event is fantastic. Totally took me back to my motorcycling days. It was a real treat to be involved in this day. All I need now is a pillion passenger and I’ll be away!”  (Nick Elliot rock art photographer)

The Yamaha 350 TZ hold a special place in Nick’s  heart. This bike was owned and raced by Nick at many tracks including Mallory Park, Silverstone, and Snetterton.

Nick could often be found in the bar with his hero Barry Sheen sipping on a scotch and Coke after the track days.
Happy Days indeed!

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